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Line Emission Probabilities for H2 (npπ and npσ - X bands)

Transition emission probabilities from np pi and np s ungerade (n>2) rovibrational levels towards X of the H2 molecule. (Compilation by M. Glass-Maujean, June 2014)

The data contain the transition energies E(cm-1) and the line emission probabilities of lines from the rovibrational levels (v', J') of upper states towards the rovibrational levels (v", J") of the ground electronic state X . The data display values up to the J'=4 upper rotational levels.

From np pi- ungerade (n>2) rovibrational levels : Q lines From np sigma+ and np pi+ ungerade (n>2) rovibrational levels : R and P lines

For detailed description of data and references, see the corresponding Readme.txt.