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Atomic and Molecular Data

MOLAT is a joint project of several departments (GEPI, LERMA, LESIA, LUTH) of the Paris Observatory supported by its Scientific Council and also by several French national research programs (PCMI, PNPS, PNST). Its purpose is to make available, before their inclusion into longer databases, original atomic and molecular data produced independently or in the course of collaborations by members of the Observatory.

The data are of interest for the interpretation of observations made by spaceborne or ground based instruments and of laboratory experiments. The experimental data include mainly VUV spectroscopic data obtained by the Meudon group using either the 10m high resolution VUV spectrograph of the Observatory or the LURE-Orsay synchrotron facility. The theoretical data include calculations from different groups of the Observatory concerning atomic or molecular structures, radiative transition probabilities, collisional excitation cross-sections and line broadening parameters. The bibliographic compilations are maintained by members of the Observatory.

The database also provides a selection of links to other pertinent atomic or molecular databases thus serving as a gateway between atomic and molecular physicists and astrophysicists. The data formats have been kept as provided by the authors. An effort is underway to give a more unified presentation. Users of data are requested to refer to the original publications.

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