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Line emission Probabilities for B-X (Lyman), C-X (Werner), B'-X and D-X bands of the H2 molecule.

The data display values up to the J'=25 upper rotational levels
The data are obtained by performing semiempirical calculations described in the paper:
- Abgrall, H., Roueff, E., Launay, F., Roncin, J.-Y., 1994, Can. J. Phys., 72, 856-865.
you can find extended comparison with experiment in:
Liu X., Ahmed S.M., Multari R.A., James G.K, Ajello J.M., 1995, Astrophys. J. Sup.,101, 375

The database contains the following files:
for B state (Lyman transitions)
for C- state (Werner Q transitions)
f or C+ state (Werner P and R transitions)
for B' state
for D- state (Q transitions)
for D+ state (P and R transitions)

VU is for v', JU for J', VL for v'', JL for J''.
The last 2 columns are the transition probabilities and the transition energy.
The 3rd line indicate the number of lines in the data.

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