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Atlas of the absorption spectrum of H2 (by M. Glass-Maujean, June 2014)

The experimental spectrum extending from 123250 to 137000 cm-1, has been divided into 55 sections covering about 250cm-1 each. Each section comprises the following:

(i) A display of the experimental cross sections : absorption (black trace) , ionization (red trace), dissociation(blue trace) in cm2, and fluorescence (green trace) in arbitrary units.

(ii) the calculated lines displayed as sticks, the heights of which being determined from the calculated line intensity using the apparatus width (taking the Doppler width into account) as line width, ie neglecting any ionization and dissociation widths. The MQDT calcultaions of the level energies, absorption line intensities of H2 are non-adiabatic and fully ab initio. They are based on the latest quantum-chemical clamped-nuclei data of Wolniewicz and collaborators

Data used for graphs of spectra in 15 ASCII files :

For detailed description and references, see Readme.txt